468 or 0234 from eq 7 12 the slope of the operating

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Unformatted text preview: egion is: L /V = VB + 1 0.234 + 1 = = 5.27 VB 0.234 Between the interreboiler and the feed stage, the slope of the operating line remains at 3.14, based on a material balance around the column section from the bottoms to the region between the interreboiler and the feed stage. These two operating lines are shown in the McCabe-Thiele diagram below, where both pass through the point y = x = 0.02. Stepping off stages from the bottom, it is seen that 3 stages are needed below the feed stage. The first stage is the partial reboiler. The interreboiler is located at the second equilibrium stage. A total of 8 equilibrium stages is required, just slightly more than that when all of the heat input is to the partial reboiler at the bottom of the column. The vapor composition of the interreboiler stage is 0.345, which from the given T-y-x phase equilibrium data corresponds to a temperature of approximately 173oC. The interreboiler could also be located at the third stage from the bottom. The would increase the number of stages by about half of a stage and low...
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