5 atm is below the 45o line typical operating lines

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Unformatted text preview: g the stage requirements. Analysis: (continued) Exercise 7.40 (continued) Exercise 7.41 Subject: Comparison of measured with predicted plate efficiency for distillation of a methanol-water mixture. Given: Performance data for a distillation column. Vapor-liquid equilibrium data. Assumptions: Partial reboiler is an equilibrium stage. Constant molar overflow. Find: (a) (b) (c) (d) Overall plate efficiency from performance data. Predicted plate efficiency from Drickamer-Bradford correlation. Predicted plate efficiency from O'Connell correlation. Predicted efficiency from Chan-Fair correlation. Analysis: (a) Convert the performance data for feed and product flow rates and compositions from mass units into mole units, molecular weights of 32.04 for methanol and 18.02 for water. The results are as follows: Component Methanol Water Total: Flow rate, lbmol/h: Feed Distillate Bottoms 709.1 702.7 6.4 1260.8 65.3 1195.5 1969.9 768.0 1201.9 Mole fraction: Feed Distillate 0.360 0.915 0.640 0.085 1.00...
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