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Unformatted text preview: verse lever arm rule using the plot below. By the latter, the molar percent vapor = 53%. (c) In the diagram below, the equilibrium vapor from part (b), shown at F, is cooled to 180oF to point M in the two-phase region. This mixture splits into equilibrium vapor, V, and equilibrium liquid, L. The composition of V is 92 mol% nC6. The composition of L is 60 mol% nC6. By the lever arm rule, the mole % of equilibrium vapor = 60%. Analysis: (b) (continued) Exercise 7.55 (continued) Analysis: (c) (continued) Exercise 7.55 (continued) Exercise 7.56 Subject: Development of an enthalpy-concentration diagram for methanol-water at 1 atm. Use of diagram to obtain minimum stages. Given: Enthalpy and vapor-liquid equilibrium data in Table 7.8. Feed of 100 lbmol/h containing 60 mol% methanol. Liquid distillate to contain 98 mol% methanol. Liquid bottoms to contain 96 mol% water. Find: (a) Enthalpy-concentration diagram. (b) Minimum number of stages. (c) Temperatures of distillate and bottoms. Analysis: (a) Use a spreadsheet to plot...
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