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Unformatted text preview: , and d) (continued) Exercise 7.32 (continued) Exercise 7.32 (continued) Analysis: (b, c, and d) (continued) Exercise 7.32 (continued) Analysis: (b, c, and d) (continued) Exercise 7.33 Subject: Distillation of a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water at 1 atm using either a partial reboiler or open steam. Given: Bubble-point feed containing 10 mol% isopropyl alcohol in water. Distillate to contain 67.5 mol% isopropyl alcohol with a 98% recovery. Vapor-liquid equilibrium data , with an azeotrope at 68.54 mol% alcohol. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Total condenser. Find: For a reflux ratio, R = L/D = 1.5 times minimum, determine number of stages, if: (a) Partial reboiler is used. (b) Open saturated steam is used. and (c) Minimum number of equilibrium stages. Analysis: In the composition region of operation, the alcohol is the most volatile component. First, compute the distribution of the alcohol. Take a basis of 100 kmol/h of feed. Then, the feed contains 10 kmol/h alcohol and 90 kmol/h of water. For a recovery o...
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