9 to 10 the operating line for the rectifying section

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Unformatted text preview: 5, 0.995} and, with a slope of 0.317, intersects the vertical axis for x = 0.90 at y = 0.965. The entire region is covered in the second diagram, the feed stage is located optimally. The low concentration region is covered in the third diagram. From these three diagrams, it is seen that 8 theoretical plates plus a partial reboiler are needed. The feed is sent to plate 4 from the top. Analysis: (continued) Exercise 7.21 (continued) Analysis: (continued) Exercise 7.21 (continued) Exercise 7.22 Subject: Distillation of a mixture of A and B based on boilup, rather than reflux, requirements. Given: A bubble-point feed mixture of 5 mol% A and 95 mol% B. Distillate to contain 35 mol% A and a bottoms to contain 0.2 mol% A. Relative volatility, A,B = 6 = a constant. Column equipped with partial condenser and partial reboiler. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Find: Using algebraic methods, (a) Minimum number of equilibrium stages. (b) Minimum boilup ratio, VB = V / B . (c) Number of equilibrium stages for...
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