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Unformatted text preview: 3048)(0.0069) + (1.67/0.3048)(0.0098) = 0.11 psi. For the plate column of Example 7.1, with 12.2 equilibrium stages, take tray efficiency = 80%. Therefore, need 16 trays, with a column height of 44 ft. Take a pressure drop of 0.08 psi/tray, giving a total pressure drop of 18(0.08) = 1.44 psi. The column diameter is estimated to be 4.5 ft. The following summarizes the comparison. with the plate column of Exercise 7.1: Plate column Column diameter, ft Column height, ft Pressure drop, psi 4.5 44 1.44 Packed column 4.0 30 0.11 The packed column is very competitive with the plate column. Exercise 7.54 Subject: Determining compositions and energy requirements for a mixture of nC6 and nC8 with an enthalpy-concentration diagram for 101 kPa. Given: Enthalpy-concentration diagram in Fig. 7.37. Find: (a) Composition of vapor at bubble-point for 30 mol% nC6. (b) Energy to vaporize 60 mol% of a mixture initially at 100oF with 20 mol% nC6 . (c) Vapor and liquid compositions resulting from part (b). Analysis...
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