Assume that utility rates are such that lv and l v

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Unformatted text preview: lity rates are such that L/V and L / V are the same as in Case 1. Then, on the McCabe-Thiele diagram, the values of xD and xB must shift so that 5 stages are stepped off, with the fifth, which is the reboiler, intersecting the stripping section operating line at the 45o line. This is shown on the McCabe-Thiele diagram on the following page. (a) From this diagram, the mole fractions of benzene in the distillate and bottoms are 0.80 and 0.21, respectively. Case 3: Since the distillate composition in Case 2 is 80 mol% benzene, the results would be the same as Case 2 if an 80 mol% benzene stream from another column were used as reflux. Exercise 7.16 (continued) Analysis: Case 1 (continued) Exercise 7.16 (continued) Analysis: Case 2 (continued) Exercise 7.17 Subject: Distillation of a mixture of benzene and toluene with different feed conditions. Given: Column with 7 equilibrium plates, total condenser, and partial reboiler. Feed is 50 mol% benzene and 50 mol% toluene. Operation at 101 kPa to produce a distillate of 96 mol% benzene. Equilibrium data fr...
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