But the flow rate of water entering in the two feeds

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Unformatted text preview: pen steam flow rate = 290.9 + 5 - 108.3 = 187.6 kmol/h In the McCabe-Thiele diagram on the next page, the three operating lines are drawn and the equilibrium stages are stepped off so as to place the two feeds at their optimal locations. As seen, the number of equilibrium stages required = Nt = 14. From Eq. (6-21), for a plate efficiency of 70%, the actual number of trays = Na = Nt /Eo = 14/0.7 = 20 plates. Analysis: (continued) Exercise 7.30 (continued) Exercise 7.31 Subject: intercooler. Distillation of a mixture of n-hexane and n-octane in a column with an Given: Saturated liquid feed of 40 mol% hexane in octane. Intercooler at second stage from the top removes heat so as to condense 50 mol% of the vapor rising from the third. Distillate is to contain 95 mol% of hexane and bottoms is to contain 5 mol% of hexane. Reflux ratio, L/D, at the top, is equal to 0.5. Vapor-liquid equilibrium data for 1 atm is plotted in Fig. 4.4. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Total condenser and partial reboiler. Operating pressure of 1 atm....
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