Column to operate at 1 atm to produce a distillate of

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Unformatted text preview: liquid equilibrium data from Exercise 7.13. Enthalpy data for reboiler. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow and saturated liquid reflux. Find: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Minimum reflux ratio (infinite stages). Minimum number of actual plates (total reflux). Number of actual plates for R = 1.5 Rmin. Kilograms per hour of products for a feed of 907.3 kg/h. Kg/h of saturated steam at 273.7 kPa for reboiler heat duty using given enthalpy data. Rigorous enthalpy balance around the reboiler. Analysis: McCabe-Thiele plots are made in terms of benzene mole fractions, since benzene is the more volatile component. The equilibrium curve is plotted from the data in Exercise 7.13. (a) For a saturated liquid feed, minimum reflux corresponds to a pinch point located at the intersection of a vertical q-line passing through xF = 0.5 and the equilibrium curve as shown in the McCabe-Thiele diagram below. From the equilibrium data, this intersection is at y = 0.72 and x = 0.5. Then, the slope of the rectifying sect...
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