Equilibrium data from exercise 713 assumptions

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Unformatted text preview: om Exercise 7.13. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Use a basis of 100 mol/s for the feed. (a) For a saturated liquid feed sent to tray 5 from the top, (1) minimum reflux ratio, R = L/D, (2) bottoms composition for twice the minimum reflux ratio, and (3) moles of products per 100 moles of feed. (b) Same as (a) except feed is saturated vapor to tray 5 from the top. (c) For a saturated vapor feed to the reboiler and a reflux ratio, L/V, of 0.9, determine, (1) bottoms composition and (2) moles of products per 100 moles of feed. Find: Analysis: (a) (1) For a saturated liquid feed, minimum reflux corresponds to a pinch point located at the intersection of a vertical q-line passing through xF = 0.5 and the equilibrium curve. From the equilibrium data, this intersection is at y = 0.72 and x = 0.5. Then, the slope of the rectifying section operating line, (L/V)min is (0.96 - 0.72)/(0.96 - 0.50) = 0.522. From a rearrangement of Eq. (7-7), Rmin = (L/V)min /[1 - (L/V)min ] = 0.522/(1 - 0.522) = 1.09...
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