Except for the reboiler stage the stages are stepped

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Unformatted text preview: e vapor efficiency of 0.8 is positioned 80% of the vertical distance from the operating line to the equilibrium curve, as governed by Eq. (7-41), EMV = 0.8 = (yn - yn+1)/(yn* - yn+1), where yn+1 is the location on the operating line, yn is the location on the efficiency line, and yn* is the location on the equilibrium line. However, the reboiler is assumed to have a 100% efficiency. As seen in the plot, just over 9 trays are required plus the partial reboiler. Call it 10 trays plus the reboiler. The feed plate is 7 from the top. Analysis: (a) (continued) Exercise 7.27 (continued) Analysis: (a) (continued) Exercise 7.27 (continued) Analysis: (b) (continued) Exercise 7.27 (continued) Exercise 7.28 Subject: Preliminary design calculations for the distillation of a benzene-toluene mixture. Given: Bubble-point feed of 50 mol% benzene and 50 mol% toluene. Equipment to include a partial reboiler, total condenser, and a bubble-cap tray column with an overall plate efficiency of 65%. Column to operate at 1 atm to produce a distillate of 95 mol% benzene and a bottoms of 95 mol% toluene. Vapor-...
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