Now check the water overall material balance using

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Unformatted text preview: ing the given data. Water flow in = 0.49(100) = 49 kmol/h. Water flow out = 0.20(53) + 0.88(62) = 65.16 kmol/h. Therefore, we have 65.16 - 49 = 16.16 kmol/h more water out than in. This is a significant discrepancy. It appears certain that water is leaking into the distillation system. Two possibilities are: (1) leakage of condenser cooling water into the condensate, or (2) leakage of reboiler steam into the boilup vapor. A reboiler steam leak may not be serious because the steam might not get to the top of the column to dilute the methanol product. A condenser cooling water leak could be very serious because part of it would end up in the distillate, thereby diluting the methanol product. Because of the impure methanol distillate for the abnormal operation, it appears that a condenser cooling water leak is the fault. Check this next. We note that the distillate flow rate for the abnormal operation is almost exactly the same as that for the normal operation. A flow rate equal to that of he leakage passes...
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