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Unformatted text preview: onstant molar overflow, the flow rates in the other sections are: Middle section: L' = 202.6 kmol/h V' = 177.05 kmol/h L'/V' = 1.144 Lower section: L" = 187.6 kmol/h V" = 177.05 kmol/h L"/V" = 1.060 Analysis: (continued) Exercise 7.36 (continued) In the McCabe-Thiele diagrams below, upper, middle, and lower operating lines are based on these values starting from the upper line, which passes through the point x = 0.96 on the 45o line. Equilibrium stages are stepped off starting from the distillate composition and switching operating lines at the appropriate times to determine the optimal feed stage and sidestream stage locations. A separate McCabe-Thiele diagram is used for the upper section to achieve better accuracy. As seen 19 equilibrium stages plus a partial reboiler are required. The optimal feed stage is 9 from the top and the optimal sidestream stage is 17 from the top. Analysis: (continued) Exercise 7.36 (continued) Exercise 7.37 Subject: Distillation at 1 atm...
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