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Unformatted text preview: er the temperature of the interreboiler stage to 162oC. Exercise 7.37 (continued) Analysis: (continued) Alternative unit with Interreboiler: Exercise 7.38 Subject: Effect of the addition of an intercondenser and interreboiler to a distillation column separating n-butane and n-pentane. Given: Distillate and bottoms compositions of actual operation (before addition of intercondenser and interreboiler) compared to design specification. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Constant relative volatility. Column is large enough in diameter to handle increased reflux and boilup. Raoult's law (ideal solutions and ideal gas law). Find: Whether the addition can improve the operation because of the increased reflux and boilup produced by the intercondenser and interreboiler. Analysis: First, estimate the average relative volatility for nC4/nC5. Assume a distillate temperature of 120oF so that cooling water can be used in the condenser. This corresponds to a saturation pressure of about 70 psia. Using Fig. 2.8...
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