Vapor liquid equilibrium data in terms of benzene

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Unformatted text preview: tion) are plotted and equilibrium stages are stepped off between x = 0.298 and 0.653. The number of stages = Nt = 14.4. From Eq. (6-73), HETP = 10/14.4 = 0.7 ft. This value must be used with caution for design, because the HETP is a function of the L/V ratio. The value of 0.7 ft applies only to L/V =1. Exercise 7.51 Subject: atm. Design of a packed column for separation of a mixture of ethanol and water at 1 Given: Bubble-point feed of 10 mol% ethanol. Bottoms of 1 mol% ethanol and distillate of 80 mol% ethanol. Reflux ratio at 1.5 times minimum. Equilibrium data from Exercise 7.29. Assumptions: Constant molar overflow. Find: (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) Equilibrium stages above and below feed. Number of transfer units above and below the feed. Height of plate column for 18-inch tray spacing and 80% tray efficiency. Height of packing for HOG = 1.2 ft. HTU from HTU for benzene-toluene system. Analysis: By material balance, with a basis of 100 moles of feed, Total material balance, F = 100 = D + B Be...
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