B from fig 737 reproduced below the enthalpy of the

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Unformatted text preview: int F, which is 28.5 mol% nC6 . Checking this by material balance on nC6 , for a basis of 100 lbmoles of mixture: 0.20(100) = 20 lbmoles 0.075(40) + 0.285(60) = 20.1 lbmoles This is a reasonably good check. Analysis: (continued) Exercise 7.54 (continued) Exercise 7.55 Subject: Determining compositions and energy requirements for a mixture of nC6 and nC8 with an enthalpy-concentration diagram for 101 kPa. Given: Enthalpy-concentration diagram in Fig. 7.37. Find: (a) Temperature and compositions of liquid and vapor, where F1 = 950 lb/h of 30 mol% nC6 at 180oF is adiabatically mixed with F2 = 1,125 lb/h of 80 mol% nC6 at 240oF. (b) Energy and resulting phase compositions when a mixture of 60 mol% nC6 at 260oF is cooled and partially condensed to 200oF. (c) Compositions and relative amounts of the two phases when the equilibrium vapor from part (b) is further cooled to 180oF. Analysis: (a) In Fig. 7.37, reproduced on the next page, the two feeds before mixing are shown at F1 and F2. When thes...
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