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1 SYLF07 - Professor Valerie Ramey Fall 2007 Economics 130:...

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P r o f e s s o r V a l e r i e R a m e y Fall 2007 Economics 130: Public Policy http://www.econ.ucsd.edu/~vramey/econ130.html In this course, we will be using the analytical tools of economics to study issues of public policy. My goal is for you to acquire a basic set of tools for policy analysis, as well as a better understanding of many of the public issues of our time. Prerequisites: Introductory Microeconomics and an enthusiasm for issues of public policy. Required reading : (1) Roger LeRoy Miller, Daniel Benjamin, and Douglass North, The Economics of Public Issues , 14th edition; (2) Readings on Soft Reserves; and (3) Handouts distributed in class. Other requirements: Regular class attendance is important because the lectures will contain information not included in the readings. Also, we will discuss several chapters from the Miller, Benjamin and North book and the Reader on a weekly basis. You will be expected to have read them in advance. You should also stay informed about current events and public policy debates by reading a good newspaper. : I will hand out problem sets, which are not to be turned in. However, carefully doing the problem sets (without first looking at the answers) is essential for scoring well on exams. There will be approximately 3-4 unannounced pop quizzes at the start of class regarding discussion readings assigned for that day. (Note: discussion readings are usually assigned for only one class per week.) The lowest pop quiz grade will be dropped. Exams:
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1 SYLF07 - Professor Valerie Ramey Fall 2007 Economics 130:...

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