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00 - Syllabus - Venture Capital - 2008

00 - Syllabus - Venture Capital - 2008 - Venture Capital...

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1 Venture Capital & the Finance of Innovation Professor David Wessels Department of Finance, the Wharton School Syllabus – March 2008, Version 1.1 To avoid overlap with Professor Raffi Amit’s class with the same title, this class will focus on the principles related to the valuation and capital structure of high-growth companies . Three topics will be covered: the valuation of a high-growth enterprise, the valuation of complex securities common to venture capital, and corporate venture capital using real options. For a good overview of current trends in venture capital and the institutional details related to the funding process, please reference Professor Amit’s materials . The first section of the course will examine corporate valuation and value drivers. Given the incredible uncertainty associated with high-growth companies, alternative methods, such as key value driver models and comparable transactions must be employed to triangulate results.
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