Extra Credit 2 - Rodni El Hage Dr. Robert Morris ECS...

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Rodni El Hage Dr. Robert Morris ECS 3361-501 Nov 28, 2007 Responsibilities of Computer Professionals Computer ethics is "moral guidelines that govern the use of computers and information systems." Every professional, in any job, has to take decisions and acts which they should be responsible for. Computer professionals, like others, have there moral and social responsibilities. It's part of computer ethics. "Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of every voting, associate, and student member of ACM"(Edgar 485). Are codes of ethics that important? Some people might think that they are useless and unimportant. Many other see that codes are necessary and important. In my point of view, for any profession or enterprise to grow and gain trust of the public, it should have a code of conduct. It's as important as the law. Without the law no country could make progress especially now a days. No population can live together without law and codes of ethic is considered a type of law. We see that between family members there's a kind of ethical code even if it's not formal. Usually children respect their parents, the father is ahead of the family, parents do their best to provide the basic needs and rights to their kinds. Moral codes in any profession means that you are recognized and you have rights. They are made to protect
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Extra Credit 2 - Rodni El Hage Dr. Robert Morris ECS...

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