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Rodni El Hage NetID: rre071000 ATEC 3320 April 13, 2008 Software Piracy Modern technology causes a big threat to personal privacy by making the possibilities of invasion higher and easier. The gathering, processing of information and monitoring capacities of today’s computers make invasion of privacy very easy and more frequent. Privacy is threatened by private and government sector, the privacy laws don’t offer a good protection. According to Stacey L. Edgar (Morality and Machines), John Locke argued that any person who threatens your private property potentially threatens your life, and so you have the right and justification to use the same measures against such a person in order to protect your life. Modern Technology like surveillance cameras that are connected and controlled threw the internet record, analyze and match faces. They invade our personal privacy without our knowledge and definitely without our permission. If you cannot protect your privacy, it means that you are not a free person. “In order to be fully developed human beings, we must be free to choose.” (Edgar 254). In general, invasions of privacy cause more harm than good. What’s good about checking the truth of your information if the real purpose is to identify your location and what you are doing? Imagine that some people can access your bank account, grades, email, medical records, websites you visited during the last 60 days … For sure you may have to reveal some of them to employer, school, banks, but under federal laws they must protect your records. On the internet it is hard to know who accessed your information and what he did with it. Identity theft is a serious crime in the U.S. and a big number of people are
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victims. An instructor at University of Texas at Dallas was charged 18000 U.S. Dollars because someone in Boston bought a brand new car from a dealership for $36000 using his ID and signature then didn’t make the payments. Knowing that Mr. Khan (the mentioned instructor) never visited or lived in Boston the only way someone could get his information is threw the internet. Some governments want to know everything about its citizens making them look more like animals in a laboratory. Everyone remember when he was a teenager. There’s no privacy, adult are always controlling you and that’s what a lot of governments are doing. It is very easy to sit at a computer and get information about anyone.
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ATEC Paper #2 - Rodni El Hage NetID: rre071000 ATEC 3320...

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