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ELEMENTARY STATISTICS: SPRING SEMESTER 2008 COURSE DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Stat 200. In today’s world, we are seeing a major trend throughout both industry and government where decisions are data-driven. Statistics is a discipline dedicated to unraveling the mystery of making such decisions in the face of uncertainty. More precisely, statistics is the art and science of using sample data to make generalizations about populations. The objective of this course is to explore and apply basic statistical concepts and procedures that are used when analyzing data. Course topics covered include methods for: collecting and summarizing sample data evaluating the accuracy of estimates obtained from sample data making statistical inferences about populations What you should discover is that statistics is not just another math course. While you will be exposed to new terminology and concepts, much of the time you will use statistical software to solve problems that require quantitative solutions. Basic algebra is the only prerequisites. Best wishes for much success in this course. INSTRUCTOR: Patricia (Pat) Buchanan at 309 Thomas Office Hours: see availability schedule on course web site Phone: (814)-865-6266 Email: must always use the “Send Course Mail” option inside Angel under the “Communicate” tab in order to receive a response TABLE 1: Section Lecture (Mon) Section 1 101 Thomas 9:05 AM 214 Boucke 9:05 AM Section 2 101 Thomas 9:05 AM 214 Boucke 10:10 AM Section 3 101 Thomas 9:05 AM 214 Boucke 11:15 AM COURSE FORMAT: Overview Lectures (Mon at 9:05 in 101 Thomas) 1. PowerPoint slides will be posted in advance – bring a copy to lecture 2. Presented information will be applied in labs, quizzes, exams, homework, and projects 3. On-line lecture quizzes will be posted to take after the lecture 1. Complete “lab activities” in small groups based on lectures & readings 2. Lab Activities will include both data analysis & concept illustration often requiring the use of the statistical software package: Minitab 3. Be prepared to learn 4. Lab Activity Quizzes will be taken at the end of each lab 5. REQUIRED MATERIALS: (Copy of Textbook found on Reserve in Pattee) 1. Printed textbook: Mind on Statistics , 3 rd Edition . by Utts and Heckard, ISBN: 0495112070 2. Available on web at: 3. TEACHING ASSISTANTS: The TA’s will:
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This note was uploaded on 03/17/2008 for the course STAT 200 taught by Professor Barroso,joaor during the Spring '08 term at Penn State.

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syllabusStat200sp08_Sect1-3 - STATISTICS 200 SECTIONS 1-3...

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