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Drama 3300 Midterm Study Guide Julie Taymor : director, costume and scene designer; designed Lion King; The Tempest; scenographer- one who does everything. Tharron Musser : lighting designer; best known for “A Chorus Line”; introduced electronic dimmer and computer control. Jules Fisher : lighting designer and producer; student of Jean Rosenthal; wanted to make theater for the Stones; used scaffold; needed spotlight so he used a headlight. Chip Munk: came up with headlight idea; used an airplane landing light-inexpensive and sturdy. PAR CAN. Adolphe Appia: new stage craft; revolution of theater; all about the actor; scenery to support the actor; Wagnerian opera inspired him. Emile Zola: was an influential French novelist, the most important example of the literary school of naturalism, and a major figure in the political liberalization of France. Anton Chekhov: amateur playwright; realist; undercutting- made dramatic events subtle; organic segments. Henrik Ibsen: because of him, people went to the theater to actually watch the play; plays were about everyday people and events. Edward G. Craig: new stagecraft; supported role of director; primary agent of drama; was really advocating himself; uber marionette; “stairs”; mostly borrowed his ideas. Jo Mielziner: “simplified realism”- use only what is significant. Martha Graham: modern dancer; organic segment- within emotions, energy cycle; light moves with the dancer, actor, … Norman bel Geddes: was an American theatrical and industrial designer who focused on aerodynamics; advocate of new stage craft; chiascuric effect; early industrial designer; designed cars, steamships, factories, meat scales; cartoonist; wanted to recreate hell- environmental production but it didn’t get financed; designed circuses, anything. Jean Rosenthal: first lighting designer; met Martha Graham and saw potential for light design; made organic segments through Martha. Svoboda: not realistic but stylistic; used projections; scenographer. Drummond: lime light; light aimed at the star.
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Wieland Wagner: credited with ushering in a new post-modern style to Wagnerian opera as director of the Bayreuth Festival; grandson of Richard Wagner. Stanley McCandless: the first theatrical lighting design educator; technical theorist; basis for lighting today; crosslight- principle of warm and cool- beam position; area lighting- actors will be in one of those areas; complimentary color system- pink and blue = white; Wanted realism; 45 degree sunlight looked good; David Belasco: bringing a new standard of naturalism to the American stage; advanced lighting techniques and use of color to evoke mood and setting; used footlights in favor of follow spots and realistic lighting; tailored his lighting configurations to compliment the complexions and hair of the actors. Meyerhold: anti-realistic; constructivist; scenery should be a place for a play to happen;
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Midterm Study Guide - Drama 3300 Midterm Study Guide Julie...

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