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University of Arizona Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering ECE 220 Basic Circuits Examination 1 February 10, 2000 Closed book/notes, calculators allowed. Part I: 8 questions Part II: 8 questions. Part II is worth twice as much as Part I. IMPORTANT : Write the color of your exam paper (IVORY or GREEN) on the top margin of the SCANTRON. Please mark your name and birth date on the SCANTRON answer sheet, using a #2 pencil. All information should be left justified. Also write the information below, and place your UA picture ID card on the adjacent desk where it can be easily seen. When the 9:00 bell rings, begin the examination. All work should be done on the examination paper. Allow for reasonable amounts of roundoff error, and carefully mark one choice for each problem on the SCANTRON answer sheet. e.g. 1 All answer sheets and examinations will be collected at or before 9:55. You will be asked to stop writing and hand in your papers/answer sheets. Failure to comply promptly may result in disqualification from the exam.
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