cH 4 - Name: Josh Winborn RHM 175 Review Chapter 4...

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Name: Josh Winborn RHM 175 Review Chapter 4 Questions 1. What segments constitute the restaurant industry? Eating and drinking places, lodging operations, recreational market, educational market, retail market 2. What characterizes a full-service restaurant? a quick-service restaurant? Full-service restaurants- Cook to order, feature a dozen or more main-course items on the menu Quick-service restaurants- Quick service restaurants focus on convenience, speed of preparation, and delivery. Many sty open from early morning until very late at night. 3. What are some characteristics of the transportation, recreational, business and industry, educational, health care, and retail food service markets? Transportation- Travelers eat at highway stops; on airplanes, ships, and trains; at airport terminals and train stations; and at other facilities in the transportation market. Food service in airports and train terminals is often provided by restaurants—frequently limited-menu restaurants—and contract food companies such as ARAMARK that bid for the opportunity to sell food in the terminals. Recreational- The recreational market includes food service facilities located at sports arenas, stadiums, race tracks, movie theaters, bowling alleys, amusement parks, municipal convention centers, and other attractions. Business and Industry - The business and industry market consists of non-food service businesses that offer on-site food service to their employees. Most businesses that provide employee meals use contract food companies such as
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cH 4 - Name: Josh Winborn RHM 175 Review Chapter 4...

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