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Melissa Staub ENVS 3000 Final Exam 1.) If I eliminated television from my life the six things I would gain would be: more studying time, better grades, family time, time to read, relaxation and sleep, and more time for physical activity. 2.) The eight things necessary for life on this planet are: clean water, food, clean air, shelter, sunshine, soil, personal space, and love. 3.) When doing Seton watching you first find that special place that you would like to do your Seton watch. Then you sit very comfortably and fold your hands and put them in your lap. Take a couple of deep breaths and let them out slowly. Try to relax and not to move around at all. While being very still for at least 20 minutes the things living around you will start returning to their normal activity. Record the weather, time, what your heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and physically felt and psychologically felt. 4.) Six main benefits in doing the “Interview with an elder” were seeing a different perspective on the environment, learning how their environment was different from today, the stories told from the past, bonding with my grandma, listening to her opinion on how the world has change, and knowing how happy she was that I was interviewing her and listening to her stories. 5.) #45 All your needs can be met, by simply wanting less; I choose this one because from this class I have learned that I don’t need nearly half the items I own or
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envsfinal - Melissa Staub ENVS 3000 Final Exam 1.) If I...

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