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Fr101_Personal_syllabus_Shanker_Fall_200 - Nom Sandhya...

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Nom: Sandhya Shanker (Fr 101) Email: [email protected] Phone: 432-8739 (x120) Bureau : 247 Old Horticulture Heures de bureau : Mon/Thu 1-2pm If you cannot make it to either of the office hours, you may set up an appointment to meet with me.. Please make sure you email me before setting up a time. It is also possible to meet with other Tas/Instructors teaching other sections of 101. Their office hours are posted outside the office of the French Dept. at 160 OHB. Note however that you are not allowed to consult with them for any assignment that you are turning in for credit. Communication I use e-mail and ANGEL to communicate announcements and other matters relevant to the class, so please check your account daily . If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the class or your progress, please feel free e-mail me or see me in person (if you e-mail me after 9PM, don’t expect a quick answer ) Participation, homework and daily preparation : The total points given for participation is 150 . You will receive a weekly participation grade out of 10 points in the class. Homework and class preparation is part of class participation and will be given on a regular basis. All homework is graded for completion. Since homework is part of class participation, your homework will be checked only if you are present in class. No partial credit will be given for homework. Please keep in mind that active participation means following instructions, preparing for class, undertaking classroom tasks, contributing to group/class discussions and finally speaking only in French . Below are the criteria that you are required to follow EVERYDAY in class: 10-8: volunteers frequently, speaks well for level, is well prepared for class, contributes ideas and opinions to class. Participates well in small group work, and speaks in French to instructor and colleagues. 7-4: volunteers occasionally, speaking needs some improvement, is not always prepared, sometimes contributes ideas to class, mostly participates in small group work. Needs to be reminded to use French with classmates.
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3-1: speaks only when spoken to, listens passively. Uses English too often, contributes little to group discussion/work.
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