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MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY FRANÇAIS 101 AUTOMNE 2008 Date of Final Exam: Tuesday, December 9 th , 2008 (10-12noon) (Location will be announced by instructors) Section: Instructeur: Email: Bureau: Heures de bureau: In case of a problem or concern regarding the class, please contact Sandhya Shanker, Acting Coordinator for 1 st and 2 nd year at: Phone: 432-8739 (x120) Email: [email protected] Office: 247 Old Horticulture Building Office hours: Textbooks for FRN 101: Manuel de classe, manuel de preparation w/CD, Jarvis, Bonin, Birckbichler and Lair: Invitation au monde francophone (2 nd edition © 2005) Course description French 101-102 is the first-year program for beginning students of French. The objectives of the 101-102 sequence are to instruct students on how to use French language for basic communication and for building understanding of the Francophone world. Thus, instructors of French 101 have three goals: 1) to guide students in developing knowledge about Francophone cultures 2) to teach students about the structure of French language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling) and 3) to help students develop the communicative skills they need to gain access to the Francophone world: listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing. By the end of FRN 102 most students should be able to use spoken French to describe familiar people, places and objects, use French in travel situations, write a cohesive paragraph in French, understand spoken French used for classroom purposes as well as simple conversations and messages on audio and video recordings, and read short literary and cultural texts. Class attendance and participation Since the development of effective listening and speaking skills is emphasized in French 101, it is essential that students be in class daily so that they can participate in communicative activities of all types. Moreover, daily attendance and class participation will foster progress in French since language learning is a cumulative process best developed through steady, regular study and practice. For these reasons, daily class participation is required and students earn a daily class participation grade . Students are allowed to miss 3 classes without penalty . After the 3 rd unexcused absence, 2% (or 20 points) will be deducted from the final grade for each absence . An excused 1
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absence may be a death in the family, a medical emergency, a university-sponsored event, observance of a religious holiday, etc. Legitimate excused absences must be accompanied by dated written documentation in the form of: an official letter or note from a doctor with contact phone number, letter on letterhead from the company/establishment of the career interview, death notice/obituary, program from funeral, official note from MSU coach/advisor, and so on. When in doubt of the kind of documentation needed, please ask your instructor. For an absence to be excused, students need to provide a verifiable proof either before the absence, or upon their return to class. Proof should be provided
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fr101syllabus(morning)_F08 - MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY...

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