Constitution 3 - Constitutional Democracy 2: Theory,...

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Unformatted text preview: Constitutional Democracy 2: Theory, Structure and Ratification By the end of this presentation, you should be able to: Describe the fundamental concerns of the framers of the Constitution *Describe these terms: separation of powers, checks and balances, enumerated powers and federalism *Discuss Federalists, Anti-Federalists and the debates on the ratification of the Constitution Recommended Link Go through this (short) online exhibit at the Library of Congress: * The Essentials of the new Constitution What the Constitution does and why it made people nervous Advice: Read the Constitution with some care *Note the first three articles that create the three branches of the national government *Look for: *The enumerated powers of Congress in Article I, section 8 *The limitations on the federal and state governments in Article I, sections 9 and 10 *The Supremacy Clause of Article IV *The process of amendment in Article V *The veiled references to slavery The Rules for Ratification Under the Articles of Confederation unanimous consent of the state was required for amendment *The proposed Constitution required ratification by nine states to become effective What the Constitution Did *Created a more powerful national government *Created a federal system *Created a system of separation of powers *Added a system of checks and balances *Contained grants of power to the national government *Contained denials of power to the national and state governments *Created a system of self-government The Overriding Concern *The framers of the Constitution greatest concern was the...
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Constitution 3 - Constitutional Democracy 2: Theory,...

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