Constitution 2 - Chapter 2: The Constitution Part 2...

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Chapter 2: The Constitution Part 2 Objectives *By the end of this presentation, you should be able to: *Draw connections between social contract theorists and the Declaration of Independence and Constitution *Describe the way in which elements of American political culture are embodied in American government (link with Chapter 1) *Describe the reasons for the Constitutional Convention of 1787 *Describe the essential compromises made in drafting the Constitution Origins English Heritage By the time of the colonization of America, the English monarch did not have limitless power: * Magna Carta (1215): guaranteed rights of nobles against the king Later transformed into a document protecting the rights of all Common Law: English customary law was generally respected by King and Parliament Colonial Ideas and Documents The First Charter of Virginia (1606) Written before Jamestown was settled *Explicitly guaranteed the colonists the same rights as Englishmen The Mayflower Compact (1620) America’s first social contract! *Read the really brief compact at: * Some Causes of the Revolution The English King and Parliament failed to respect the rights of Englishmen in America *Oppressive taxes after the French and Indian War began the separation with England Made worse by the use of the British army to enforce the taxes, as well as Interference with colonial legislatures The Stamp Act An example of one of the oppressive taxes
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For a short explanation of the Stamp Act, see: * To see an example of the actual stamps of the Stamp Act, visit: * For the response of the Continental Congress to the Stamp Act, see: * Prelude to Revolution I *The Townshend Act: *Followed the repeal of the hated Stamp Act
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Constitution 2 - Chapter 2: The Constitution Part 2...

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