Voting and Elections 2

Voting and Elections 2 - Elections 2 Chapter 8 For this...

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Elections 2 Chapter 8 For this presentation: You should know: What factors influence voter turnout, including: Institutional factors (such as voter registration requirements) *Individual factors (attitudes such as apathy or a sense of civic duty; income; education) Prospective/retrospective voting; mandates Voter Turnout Who shows up at the polls? Michigan Turnout Why is turnout so low? Institutional Reasons Voter Registration Voter registration began around 1900 to prevent voter fraud Make sure people were eligible to vote *Prevent people from casting multiple ballots “Vote early and often!” US places burden on the individual to register herself Impact of Registration Requirements States traditionally make it hard to register When do you register? *Where do you register? *Have you established state residency? Turnout varies by states Shows some relationship to ease of registration Voter Registration in Michigan To find out how to register or get an absentee ballot go to:
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* Voter Registration in Other Countries See some examples of how other nations register their voters: * Or learn everything there is to know about voter registration in the US and abroad: * Frequency of Elections Numerous elections reduce turnout by increasing the effort needed to vote in all of them Elections occur every year
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Voting and Elections 2 - Elections 2 Chapter 8 For this...

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