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Media 2 - *War as video game Commercial Bias Need to...

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The News Media 2 Chapter 9 Bias in the Media Advocacy Media Intentionally politically biased *Examples: Wall Street Journal Editorials *Talk Radio *Fox News Mainstream Media Journalists not representative of the public More upper-middle class; white; male; urban; secular; Democratic or Independent Does this translate into bias? Not necessarily! Professional training and ethics *Ideal of objective journalism Bias Against All Most stories about government are neutral *However, the rest tend to be very negative Obsession with scandal, waste and malfeasance *Coverage of negative campaigns Bias Towards Issues Domestic issues prevail Emphasis on crime, scandal, human interest On international issues Media tends to follow the “official line” Need to rely on government sources *Journalists “embedded” with military units
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Unformatted text preview: *War as video game Commercial Bias Need to attract viewers/readers Advertising dollars increase profits Consequences Sensationalization of the news *Emphasis on scandal, human interest and sex *Emphasis on conflict *Emphasis on what goes wrong *Short stories Effect on Politics Conflict presented as two sides * Game orientation : emphasis on tactics for winning assumes self-centered candidates * Horse race coverage : who is ahead according to the polls Effect on Politics *Politicians create media events A staged display of the politician * Photo opportunity : politician depicted against an attractive, symbolic backdrop * Sound Bite : speeches reduced to single sentences or slogans Link on media and politics http://www.thebigproject.co.uk/USElections/...
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Media 2 - *War as video game Commercial Bias Need to...

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