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Political Parties 3 - Political Parties 3 Chapter 7 A...

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Political Parties 3 Chapter 7 A Resource If you are unfamiliar with the parties, candidates or issues, just look at: * http://www.americanpresident.org The Progressive Era *A period of reform at the beginning of the 20 th Century when people believed that good government, informed by science, could solve economic, social, moral and political problems *For a one page summary of the Progressive era, see: * http://www.gliah.uh.edu/modules/progressivism/index.cfm What kind of social reforms? Child labor and sweat shops *Trust busting/business regulation *Public health *Conservation of natural resources *Prohibition *Improvement of city life What kind of political reforms? Ending the corrupt rule of party bosses and political machines *Addressing the related problem of political patronage Ending political corruption in the form of bribes and payoffs How? Voter registration *Primary elections to select candidates for office *Merit system (civil service system) for filling government jobs *17 th Amendment (1913): direct election of U.S. senators
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Who were some reformers? Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement *Mother Jones and the labor movement *Jacob Riis, a photographer who used his skills to document tenement life *Jane Addams and the professionalization of social work The Reach of Progressive Ideas To get a handle on the nature of reform, reformers, science, technology and government during this exciting time, see: * http://www.westirondequoit.org/ihs/library/Indrevprogera.htm The Coming Bull Moose Schism Teddy Roosevelt (R) becomes a leader of the Progressive Movement Use government as an agent of human welfare
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Political Parties 3 - Political Parties 3 Chapter 7 A...

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