Art 001 Assignment 2

Art 001 Assignment 2 - taken for granted The artist also...

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Option 4 1. This work of art was made to show the hard work and significance of the average, or below-average, person. The painting displayed a rugged looking man with a work of his own in front of him. Although he looks very ruff around the edges and is not smiling, he seems to have a confident demeanor about him. He looks to have worked hard and should be very proud of that. 2. This work of art shows a very rugged man. It is obvious that he depicts a man of the low to middle social class. He almost looks as if he is a middle aged male that works in a New York City shipyard. It is hidden that people like this man have to work extremely hard to put food on the table, which is in front of him in the painting. Although he looks angry, he is actually satisfied but doesn’t express it due to his blue-collar attitude. 3. The person that was drawn definitely has their point of view shown. It seems as if he is showing that he is proud of the work he has done, although it is sometimes
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Unformatted text preview: taken for granted. The artist also tries to show the low to middle class person and some of the work that they do. The upper class point of view is left out, because many would just view this work of art as a painting of a low class man. This shows how there is beauty in things that many of us take for granted, such as work by a low class man. We can see how points of view of this painting differ throughout the social classes. 4. Depending on what class you take your point of view from, the work can either question or reinforce a stereotype. From a high class point of view, the ruggedness and stern look on the face of the man reinforces the stereotypical low-class working man. That is what he would be expected to look like. From a low or middle class point of view, however, you may see that the work made in the picture is not common, and is needed. It is not to be taken for granted. Any work takes time, and usually has beauty....
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Art 001 Assignment 2 - taken for granted The artist also...

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