2007-11-16 Cavalieri's Theorem

2007-11-16 Cavalieri's Theorem - -I-I-, _I-I-I-I ~I-I I I I...

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~ u. ..' S-Q L\ 't)~ W \'t.~ t;i ~iJA~1: I 1'\J--D.ES-A.bL~ Lt)eN.Il~A-\l2 A1-L~ L ~JlO-~.~~;(.~ ~ii~~ tW~~~. . SA.M~ VOL.UMC= b --- ." a --- ----.-- -Same cross-section area at every level ---. .... -...--
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Unformatted text preview: -I-I-, _I-I-I-I ~I-I I I I _I I-Cavalieri's theorem: ..These solids have the same volume. You can illustrate-this yourself with stacks of coins....
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