2007-11-14 Submarine Centroid and Center of Mass

2007-11-14 Submarine Centroid and Center of Mass - the...

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Imagine, for example, a totally submerged submarine. While the buoy- ant forceactsupwardthrough the centroid ofthe submarine, gravity acts downwardthrough the center of mass. Suppose the submarine should tilt a bit to one side as depicted in the figure. If the centroid lies above the center of mass, then the buoyant force acts to restore the submarine to an upright position. If, however, the centroid lies below the center of mass, then disaster. Once the submarine has tilted a bit, the buoyant force will make it tilt further. This kind of Centroid above
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Unformatted text preview: the center of mass: restoration buoyant force . I buoyant force Centroid below the center of mass: disaster analysis also applies to surface ships, but in this case the buoyant force acts upward through the centroid of the por-tion of the ship that is submerged. This point is called the center offlotation. One must design and load a ship to keep the center of flotation above the center of mass. Putting a .lot of heavy cargo on the deck, for instance, tends to raise the center of mass and destabilize the ship....
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