2007-11-14 EAC 101 Unit 13 Study Guide

2007-11-14 EAC 101 Unit 13 Study Guide - t 3. Us;:...

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( , fAC tot LJ~tr 13 UN IT CONTENT: SE.C.i'IONS lo.l) 10,2. - VOL.\Jf\1~ BY <3L-IC.ING) VOLUlY1iES OF SOUDS OF R~"O\. ..\JTION P.»'1'lJlc,)lo<~J WA~\4e:R~) f+ND CYLINb~ICAL SJ4e:l.L~~ h,'J - /tr'IEAS Op ~ U~FAc. .eS OF RtvoL.v"n ON ( Lr:At2.NJ~6' O~~T'Ve;s: \. F'ND ,"E::: vOLumE Or A GrI'v'~N SOLI D 114t: MG'rHODOF SLlc'ING. 2, USe 1)1 S I<~ TQ FIN D T\4e: VO t. .vW1E OF l~ <r'v~rJ $OL\]) DF' REVOL-UT'ON
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Unformatted text preview: t 3. Us;: WA~~l3rcs To FI~D ~e: VOL-ukV1~ OE A 6\"~N 50LI D OF t<(EVDW71 ON , 4, US! CY'-I ND~I CAL. . S~E:LLS TO FIND Ti4E VDL\Jt11.E: OF A GIVr:N SOLID. Q~ ReVO\. .\JnON. ~ FiND T~E. Su;tFA('~ AA,.'C:A <i.\5N~AA\Gi) W~~N A-SPE'\t=\~. Ar<C. 16 ROTA~ A60vr A ""VI-J A-,,')."...
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