2007-11-07 Area Between Two Curves - The Whale Illustration

2007-11-07 Area Between Two Curves - The Whale Illustration...

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Unformatted text preview: ..-- ----..-...--....-- ~-~~LB_~~ u.__ -- EEN TLUO C:_v.~ -..------.---- (TH~.u-\\W.r+A-t--E~'., -ttLU :'\t<A"O~-u.,-, y y ( = g(x) We approximate the region with rectangles perpendicular to the x-axis. n A , = /lP/I-+k=l [/(Ck) lim L . g(Ck)] LlXk = l a ' b '[I (x) - g(x)] dx. ; .~ " , Definition,.'.:" . .. .. . . If > g(x) throughout [a, b]~then the area of the region between the curves y = I (x) and y = g (x) from a to b is the ,'. .' I and g are continuous with I (x) integral of [I - g] from a to b:..' A ~"' l b [/(x): , g(x)Jdx. . a ---- ...
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