2007-08-20 What is Engineering Analysis

2007-08-20 What is Engineering Analysis - WHAT IS...

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WHAT IS ENGINEERING ANALYSIS? EngineeringAnalysisis the use of the principlesof mathematicsand scienceto obtain analyticalsolutionsto engineeringproblems. It requiresa strongfoundationin - algebra,geometIy, trigonometIy,and calculus,as well as physics,chemistryand other' courses. Thiscalculus-basedengineeringanalysiscourse willinvolvethe development and applicationof the theorems of calculuswhile cultivatinganalyticalskillsthrough problemsolving. Being ableto operate a calculatoris not the primaryconcern inthis course. Engineers design calculators-or do the equivalentindesigninga process or piece of equipment. It is therefore essentialto be ableto developthe algorithmsand understandthe mathematicalprinciplesinvolved. . The same ingenuity used for solvingand simplifYingalgebraproblemsis what is needed in engineering. In fact, the word ingenium is the root word for engineer. A "cookbook" course that onlyteachesyou to plug into formulasis a counterfeitcourse and of little or no value in the engineeringeducationprocess. Engineersmust analyze
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