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Unformatted text preview:CengageNOW [ Assignmentl Print Page 1 of 1 Assignment: Chapter 1 Exercise 1 3 [Wm.,W.W_WW.-WWMWMMWHW7.- We.-- Wm.omm Users of Accounting Information and Their Needs Listed below are descriptions of a major need of accounting information. For each, select the one user group that is most likely to have the need described. Needs Information About User Group 1. The profitability of each division in the company COMP"? ij 6—142 i ; ' C 2. The prospects for future dividend payments 8% clé 9/ 1L0 0/6 M M 3. The profitability of the company since the last contract with the workforce was signed ["60er an M W e M, 4. The financial status of a company issuing securities to the public for the first time [yr] 114.55! .1... & M £6! W; 5. The prospects that a company will be able to meet its interest payments on time thaw',' "M had 140 53'; l 6. The prospects that a company will be able to pay for its purchases on time "774"" 0 W l )0] 2V W ' 7. The company's profitability based on the tax code ("I'Lb'v-M/Ve (/Wi Je/V/ 'CC glove/M Who} 7%UIg ... 8/29/2016 —_—_——-——-—————_——____