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Unformatted text preview:CengageNOW | Assignment] Print Page 1 of 1 F Assignment: Chapter 1 Decision Case 4 Classification of Items on the Statement of Cash Flows Classify each of the following items according to the section on the statement of cash flows in which it should appear: operating, investing, or financing: Item Section Example: Cash paid for insurance Operating Cash paid for land [A VflS {7% W [Ave $179 i A ' Cash received from issuance of note #Imhnc I hf? 1. 2. 3 Cash paid for dividends )c/AMC {mg 0 - 7£ name; [:7 4. Cash received from issuance of capital stock £5141") 5 6 '3 f {Amt/1g . Cash collected from customers Dflfirflflhg MW Cash paid for income taxes OPWmffixj 0 é/tt'l'l http :// do?assignment1... 8/29/2016 m