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Unformatted text preview:CengageNOW l Assignment I Print Page 1 of 1 CFWOVLCV l Bidet EK'erlLi'Se l WW ___ i Assignment: Chapter 1 Brief Exercise 1 1 , _ M,..a.m_ww_,mw..wW,.-mw Brief Exercise 1-1 I (,5be /( 7:7 Calculate Net Income / Ted's Typing Service generated $4,000 in [egg-age" in the month of January. Salaries were $1,500 for the month, and supplies used were $200. Additionally, Ted's incurred $50 for advertising during the month. Required: Calculate Ted's net income for the month of January. $ aim l4 Few/flue N M: Iherc m Maui/cu ream/2'28 from fke Sale. DILjooa/s 0r Hue provi'fsl'on 01a din/fear. - "3/" . , I40 W/OewSfi IS Adar?!" ML N/wW'W/i Vega/79g jnramvbld; MM 07C floods Dr pan/{151% 0F sen/fees. Wag as, tubs ) MVWiLr'SI'r'?' wt "if/{Has «\tia'bw {240' W http:// ilrn/takeAssignment/ .. 7/ 5/201 6