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TEST 2 FALL 2007 ENDOCRINOLOGY STUDENT NUMBER _________________ TEST CONTAINS 68 POINTS. Multiple choice questions are worth 2 points each, 26 points total. Be sure to indicate your answer by circling letter of your choice. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU DO NOT CIRCLE THE LETTER OF THE CHOICE YOU MAKE FOR THE ANSWER. Even if the letter for the answer is written and a choice is not circled, the question will be judged incorrect. 1. In a primary goiter, the enlargement of the thyroid gland is due to a. accumulation of water within the thyroid gland follicles. b. accumulation of thyroid hormone because it cannot be released. C c. continuous stimulation of the thyroid gland due to TSH. d. the abnormal accumulation of iodide (I - ) in the thyroid gland cells. e. continuous inhibition of the thyroid gland release of TH because of high TSH. 2. Which of the following occurs in a thyroid follicle cell when when it is activated? a. Gene activation by thyroid hormone (TH) occurs. b. Inhibition of an IP 3 pathway when IP 3 receptor is iodinated. c. Stimulatin of a cAMP pathway by non-iodinated thryoglobulin E d. Increase in iodide (I - ) uptake into the follicle lumen. e. An increase in non-glycolytic glucose usage. f. An internalization of TH receptors. g. Increase of TH receptor degredation by lysosomal enzymes. h. More than one of the above is correct. 3. An intracrine mechanism acting on T 4 would most likely produce a. T 3 b. MIT A c. DIT d. Organification of I - . e. Proteolytic degradation of thryoglobulin. f. Both b and c are correct. 1
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4. The Na + /K + ATPase numbers increase following stimulation of a cell by a. DIT b. TRH C c. TH d. PTH e. CT f. Insulin g. More than one of the above is correct. 5. What is the relationship between Na + /K + ATPase and a Na + /I - co-transport protein? a. Na + /K + ATPase provides heat for organification of I - . b.
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