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Young Suh Angiosperm Writing Assignment BioG 104 – Heidi Tremaine (afternoon) April 8, 2008 During plant development, the root grows and develops more rapidly than the shoot so that the root becomes established before the shoot. Such a developmental process is beneficial in increasing the plant’s chance for survival by guaranteeing that the demand for resources from the shoot will not exceed the available resources from the root. For example, the cotyledon contains starch, which is essential for shoot growth. In addition to carbohydrates, roots absorb various mineral nutrients like nitrogen along with water from the soil to supply for further shoot growth. Roots also have root hairs that greatly increase the surface area of the epidermis so that enough resources will be
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Unformatted text preview: available to guarantee vigorous shoot growth. Furthermore, some roots of plants are able to form mutualistic relationships with fungus to make sure that the shoot gets the mineral nutrients and water it needs for growth and photosynthesis. In addition, the development of root before the establishment of shoot provides protection. Each root apical meristem is covered by a mass of cells called the root cap, which acts to protect the meristem from abrasion as it pushes through the rough soil. Furthermore, the root protects the shoot from potentially drying out on land. Although the leaves of terrestrial plants have developed various methods to prevent desiccation, no methods have evolved for the shoot to obtain water on its own....
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