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Biology Lab Lecture #4

Biology Lab Lecture #4 - March 3 2008 Biology Lab#4 Animal...

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March 3, 2008 Biology Lab #4 – Animal Development The study of development o Single cell (zygote) to an adult (billions of cells) o 3 questions: Morphology at different stages (limbs, organs – how do they arise?) Mechanisms of differentiation Role of genome in development Major Trends 1. Increase in cell number 2. Increase in complexity and specialization 3. Study focus: how genes are regulated to control their expression Model animals for study of development o Worm – C. elegans Fixed number of cells at maturity Fate of cell is determined so you can trace cell throughout its life o Zebra fish Clear sac embryo o Fly o African clawed frog o Chicken o Purple sea urchin Sea urchin genome confirms kinship to humans and other vertebrates o Genome of 814 megabases o 23,500 genes – comparable to # of human genes o 11,500 genes turned on during first 2 days of development o Estimated 95% of 283 transcription factors were functioning before larval formation
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March 3, 2008
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