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Reading Response #3 Japan in Transformation and American Hijiki Both readings for this week deal with Japan in after war period after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs have been dropped on the country. Jeff Kingston attempts to inform reader in his book, Japan in Transformation, which covers the second half of the twentieth that even though Japan was faced with many difficulties in after the war period that there were a lot of progressive aspects at work. Same holds true for the American Hijiki reading in which a young person accounts for his personal impression about the events following the war. The major theme that is outlines in the book deals with the “ideological transformation” of Japan or the way Japanese people look at the surrounding world on how they act upon. The second theme deals with the tension within the society that is due to the ever changing surrounding of Japan. The chapters that we were assigned to read deal with the U.S occupation
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Unformatted text preview: and the efforts both parties put towards the democratization of Japan. Kingston also concentrates heavily on the postwar politics and the incredibly rapid industrialization and the economic growth. Each chapter begins with a brief outline, which I found extremely helpful in understanding what was going on and about thirty pages follow in order to support Kingston’s ideas and claims. Some of the author's insights and observations are quite helpful in understanding Japan's recent history. Kingston points out, in regards to politics, that even though Japan was not successful in establishing a democracy it cares for its middle class even better than most other nations, by having a variety of Non Profit organizations and “watchdog” groups. American Hijiki is different in that it accounts for all of the factors as well but from the eyes of the author, making the changes going on in society seem more involved than the facts Kingston presents....
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