PSYCH 100 Gazzaniga Article Notes

PSYCH 100 Gazzaniga Article Notes - corpus callosum say

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“One Brain or Two?” Gazzaniga Article Notes The left side of your brain is responsible for movement of the right side of the body, and vice versa The “left brain” controls the ability to use language while the right is involved in spatial relationships, such as those needed for artistic activities Many believe that each half of the brain, or hemisphere, may be a completely separate mental system Research in this area is pioneered by Roger W. Sperry, who worked with animals to make discoveries based on the functions of each hemisphere of the brain- received Nobel Prize in 1981 for his work He was joined by Michael Gazzaniga in the 1960’s when his research went to humans The two hemispheres of the brain are in constant communication via the corpus callosum , a structure made up of about 200 million never fibers. When cut the two halves of the brain function independently In the 1950’s studies were done where people with severe epilepsy, seizures were virtually eliminated by severing the corpus callosum Theoretical Propositions Researchers wanted to explore the extent to which the two halves of the human brain are able to function independently Could a person still think and reason? Could a person speak and understand language? If the brain really is two separate brains, can a person function when they aren’t in communication with one another? How would it receive sensory input, and how would the senses be affected? Method Developed three types of tests to test their hypotheses One was designed to examine visual abilities using pictures and manipulating one’s visual area One was designed for tactile (touch) stimulation using the ability to feel without seeing
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PSYCH 100 Gazzaniga Article Notes - corpus callosum say

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