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PSYCH 100 Piaget Article Notes - Psych 100 Out of sight,...

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Psych 100 “Out of sight, but not out of mind” by J. Piaget Notes Developmental psychologists believe that there is much more to acquiring intellectual abilities than simple learning It is a process of maturation that occurs in a predictable fashion from birth through adulthood Until a child achieves a given level of development, all the learning in the world cannot produce certain behaviors Intellectual development is seen in the same way- there are certain levels of thinking and reasoning ability that cannot be understood until an appropriate stage of cognitive development has been reached, no matter how much learning takes place Swiss Psychologist 1896-1980 Jean Piaget; one of the most influential members of the history of psychology His work revolutionized developmental psychology and is also the foundation of all subsequent investigations in the area of the formation of the intellect Theoretical Propositions At the laboratory Piaget worked at, he noticed children of certain ages answering questions the same ways and making the same mistakes They were using the same reasoning to answer the same questions Based on his observations, he theorized that older children had not just learned more than the younger ones, but were thinking differently about the problems
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PSYCH 100 Piaget Article Notes - Psych 100 Out of sight,...

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