Who I am and what made me that way essay

Who I am and what made me that way essay - Morelli 1 Krista...

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Morelli 1 Krista Morelli English Writing 112 Mr. Fortier 12 September 2007 Government-Issued I walked through the door. It was happening again. The familiar lurch of the stomach as twenty-five pairs of eyes stared at me. “You may sit here, Krista.” I looked at the seat. Why was it always at the front and center of the class? It was like they planned to make me as embarrassed and uncomfortable as possible. The teacher started to speak. “Class, we have a new student. Please welcome Krista Morelli, she will be joining us for the remainder of the year.” But nobody said anything. Those twenty-five pairs of eyes just kept staring at me, burning holes into the back of my neck. They stared like I was some magnificent creature that both scared and amused them. Here we go again , I thought. Another year at another school with more people I do not know. Here goes my life. For me, the experience of moving to a new school was nothing out of the ordinary. I knew the familiar feelings of loneliness and confusion. The other kids that avoided you like a disease. The lack of people I had to talk to, to share feelings with. I did not like it, but I was used to it. My family moved almost every two years because the government told us we had to. My dad is a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one of the most time consuming and demanding jobs within the federal government. Throughout the course of my childhood, my dad’s job determined the next place I called home, the next best friend I had, and the next school I went to. Life was never boring because there was always something new to see or to experience, but there was never any consistency. People changed, places changed, homes
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Morelli 2 changed, and lives changed. Everything changed, but somehow I just had to deal with it. After all, it was my life. My father, Anthony Morelli, is currently the A.S.A.C., or Assistant Special Agent in
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Who I am and what made me that way essay - Morelli 1 Krista...

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