Analysis of Hunger as an Ideology

Analysis of Hunger as an Ideology - model or a professional...

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Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr. Fortier English Writing 112 3 October 2007 Analysis: Hungry as Ideology This essay is an interpretation of the media’s impact on the pressures men and women feel to be like the stick thin people portrayed on TV and in the ads. In her essay, the author states that media is what affects men and women the most when it comes to body image and the constant pressure to be thin. While the media does have a large impact on society as a whole, each individual has their own opinions of themselves and has the ability to make their own decisions. When a person is confronted with an ad portraying a skinny woman or a muscular man, obviously it is going to have an affect on how they think about their own body, but the ad does not make the choice for them to become bulimic or to stop eating all together. Every person in America feels some sort of pressure to be something they are not, whether it be a sickly thin
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Unformatted text preview: model or a professional baseball player. But it is not fair to blame the media for an individuals decision to try every way possible to be as skinny as the people they see on the TV. Regardless, the media is still in a small way responsible for the way men and women perceive themselves. It is not fair for companies to always use skinny women or muscular men in their ads because it gives the constant message that only those types of people will have the coolest clothes, eat at the coolest restaurants, or use the coolest products. But at the same time, it is important that ever person knows that they do not have to be exactly what the media portrays to be a beautiful person. Even though it sounds incredibly clich, beauty is only skin deep, and starving yourself or developing an eating disorder puts all the emphasis on what is the least important aspect of who someone is....
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