Summary- Clamor of Justification

Summary- Clamor of Justification - reasons (the wolf is...

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Morelli 1 Krista Morelli Mr. Fortier English Writing 112 3 October 2007 Summary: The Clamor of Justification The Clamor of Justification by Barry Lopez is an essay about the mistreatment and abuse of wolves by Americans throughout history. According to Lopez, ever since the interaction between man and beast, the wolf population has been cruelly and unjustly persecuted. He insists that man does kill wolves for legitimate reasons, like protecting livestock, but others do it just for fun and profit, like bounty hunters and trappers. Historically, there are many reasons man commits these acts against wolves, which include theriophobia (the fear of beast), religious
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Unformatted text preview: reasons (the wolf is equivalent to the devil), and the American peoples desire to tame the wilderness. Evidence of these types of persecution are provided, dating all the way back to the middle ages, when people constantly murdered wolves as a part of normal, every day activity. Overall, Lopez exhibits the ways in which wolves are the constant receptors of human hatred and violence, and concludes that the American people must evaluate their own human spirit in the face of such cruelty....
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